07 November 2007

You can win this

Hello Everyone,

Here are the ponytail holder currently selling in my shop.

Simply leave me a message and tell me what is your favorite book at the moment ( you can name more than one ... ), you might get the changes to win the hair ties .

I will pick 2 winners on 20 Nov 2007. Good luck everyone !

Dear Pony Tail

How are you doing ?
Are you feeling lonely ?
Please do not worried my friend, We have found you the most wonderful hair ties.
We are sure you will still look fabulous in autumn, or even cold cold winter

Left and Right hands

05 November 2007

26 October 2007

12 October 2007

Bling Bling

I think this might be a bit earlier for Christmas
I have been designed some cute reindeer pin and Christmas ornaments
I hope you all will like the [ Bling ] [ Bling ] shining celebration
Anyone who is interested are welcome to send me a message
"Or" any comments are equally welcome too

Les Chats, More Cats

Here we are, more cats
Colours makes us happy
We loves the little pictures
Especially mushroom and flower

{ Muaaaaahhhhh }
They all now available in my shop
Feel free to visit
{ Meeeeeoooooowwww }


Eventhough we fight for nothing
Eventhough we always compare the stories
But we're still


04 October 2007

I felt, felt

I felt, felt lately
I started to make cats with tiny pictures
A cat with the stories, thats my purpose
You can tell stories with 10 ways ( or even more )
I wanted to have plain ( or white ) background for long time
So this is the first time I ever use photoshop to edit a picture
As you can see the result is not very pleasent
You can still see funny edges (>_<)
I'm photoshop idiot ( also Illustrator, alright... )
Any comments are welcome
Or any tips ( Thank you ! )
Cats are coming to town, soon, very soon.

17 September 2007

Loby, 1992

To Loby, 1992

Monkey Business

YoYo and Hokki [ Available at ETSY ]

Father and Son [ Available at ETSY ]

Nakamura and Kubota [ sold ]


Early stage for felt and stamping work
As you can see the poor sewing and carving skills
I am still working hard (stay calm) to improve
Most of all have sent out for swap.

16 September 2007

Apple with Ya-Ku and YoYo

I asked Apple which one she prefer
" Hmmm........."
" This is very difficult to choose "
" Can I pick both of them ? "

10 September 2007

Return with Koko and Lala

I made Koko and Lala after long break
Yarn keep whispering in the midnight
I know they are calling me

Hope somebody will like them

13 August 2007

Monday wishes

  1. 2 brains, 1 for spare
  2. spare eyes
  3. 48 hours
  4. 8 hands
  5. snow
  6. robot legs
  7. never sleep

04 August 2007

Hello Kitty

As my niece said.

" kawaiiiiiiiiii "
" Can I get this one for my birthday, Ah Gu ? "


My brother kidnap him after I finished
He said he will get him a name
Special one, he said

20 July 2007


Nia Little picked up Okubo
She also picked up Nakamura
( The white monkey )
They both in England enjoying lovely tea time each day

Nothing can compare
When you know someone is happy with your work
And also having good time with them

Thank you, Thank you so much

3 amigos

I made 2 set of amigos for trade in swapbot
Cherrythepig take the 3 amigos with skirt
Nathalie take the little mushroom and earrings
DanielleF take the mushroom too
and Stephanie take the teddy
I hope they all will like the amigos


I have sent this little one to someone as a suprise.
She will take plane and flying over the sea miles and miles
To a country with many many stars on the flag
I hope she will like the suprise
Because she was really nice to me


20th July, August is around the corner.
Time is flying, I told myself each time when it comes to Friday.
Especially Friday night.
I love Saturday.
...... and I started to hate Monday on Saturday night.

27 June 2007

Coming soon on ETSY

* White like the Snow * Coming soon...


I started crochet around May and I become addicted.
Especially those tiny little teddy bear.
I could starring at them non stop on my palm and smiling happily.

" ah......... "
" so tiny yoooo "

" I can't believe he can be so tiny.... "

15 June 2007

Leaf worm & Pink Millipede

My latest creation, little lwaf worm and pink millipede.
Both are now available in my ETSY shop.
You are welcome to take a look.
Happy worms, arent they ?

31 May 2007

Gimme your Stuff

Gimme Your Stuff

This blog serves as a platform for the members to swap their stuffs with the other members on the planet. Every member will be the ambassadors for their own country. So through the blog members can contact each other if they're interested for swaps. I saw lots of people are having good time here so Im going to give it a shoot :)

I can offer :
Local snacks / candies
Local tea leaves / tea bag / hotdrinks
Postcard/ Stamps / coins
Kawaii Stationary / Letter set

I can also make :
Amigurumi Click
Earrings / Bracelet / Necklace
Felt pin / brooch
Handmade card

I would love :
Something handmade by you
Crafts magazine
Yarn / Ribbon/ Lace / Button / Fabric / Linen / Beads
Tote bag / Coin Purse
Snack / Candies
Stamps / Postcard
Handmade soap

If you are interested, You are welcome to contact me : pf_gan[at]yahoo.com

29 May 2007

07 May 2007

Hi, My name is pink

This is my first crochet teddy bear
I feel I am on the top of Himalay after I finished it.

oh yea , he is

PS : He has kidnapped by Rowen

04 May 2007

I love colours, especially rainbow

I feel happy, whenever I look at them
And, I see they are smiling back to me