20 July 2007


Nia Little picked up Okubo
She also picked up Nakamura
( The white monkey )
They both in England enjoying lovely tea time each day

Nothing can compare
When you know someone is happy with your work
And also having good time with them

Thank you, Thank you so much

3 amigos

I made 2 set of amigos for trade in swapbot
Cherrythepig take the 3 amigos with skirt
Nathalie take the little mushroom and earrings
DanielleF take the mushroom too
and Stephanie take the teddy
I hope they all will like the amigos


I have sent this little one to someone as a suprise.
She will take plane and flying over the sea miles and miles
To a country with many many stars on the flag
I hope she will like the suprise
Because she was really nice to me


20th July, August is around the corner.
Time is flying, I told myself each time when it comes to Friday.
Especially Friday night.
I love Saturday.
...... and I started to hate Monday on Saturday night.